At npf Marketing Services, we specialise in the design and layout of all types of technical sales literature including datasheets, brochures & user manuals.

We also offer services in the following areas:

  • Technical Articles & White Papers.
  • Email Marketing, Lead Nurturing , Newsletters & Public Relations.
  • WEBsite Design & Management.

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My career spans over 30 years in the Power Electronics Industry and for 20 years I was Sales and Marketing Director of UNIPOWER Europe Ltd based in Lancing, West Sussex. In this role, I was responsible for much of the technical sales literature and also dealt with many other aspects of their global marketing.

As npf Marketing Services, I can bring these skills to a wider client base across the electronics industry as a whole.

Nigel Frey


Jack Worthen – Solitron Devices, Inc.

“I contacted Nigel Frey and npf Marketing Services when I arrived at Solitron Devices and realized our web site needed to be completely revitalized.  The revamp goals included ease of navigation, a more modern look, SEO and tying the web site together with future collateral marketing materials.  Having worked with Nigel since 2008, he was my first choice as I had seen his ability to provide this type of effort at UNIPOWER LLC where he implemented a very similar strategy with great results.

Nigel has brought his unique combination of technical and creative skills to the Solitron effort.  Carefully listening to our needs and goals he has been a key resource to help shape the look and direction of our marketing efforts.  Extremely easy to work with, Nigel has become a virtual team member and partner.

The web site project has been on time, on budget and the new look is exactly what we were looking for.  The experience has been great and we will continue to use npf Marketing Services as a key partner for technical marketing support and services.  I highly recommend Nigel to individuals or businesses that need this type of work.”

Jack Worthen – Solitron Devices, Inc. 

Tim Worley – Powerstax Ltd

In common with many small companies, Powerstax utilises 3rd party marketing services as a cost effective way to promote our business and keep our presence in the marketplace.

npf Marketing Services have provided us with a blend of services including but not limited to datasheet compilation from basic technical information, website updates, news and PR dissemination via targeted marketing campaigns and comprehensive industry specific advice to maximise our impact.

Personally, I have worked with Nigel Frey since 1985 as a colleague, font of technical and industry knowledge and as a supplier of excellent marketing services and would not hesitate to recommend him to any enquirer.

Tim Worley – Powerstax Ltd  

Peter Smith – S&J Communications Ltd

“I have enjoyed an excellent client/agency relationship with Nigel over the past 18 years. Nigel’s understanding of marketing communications enabled our partnership to develop effective above the line programs supported by high quality fulfilment material.

Among his many professional qualities is a unique understanding of the electronics industry – particularly power supplies – which, alongside his technical writing skills, allows him to produce outstanding collateral material.

In recent years, Nigel has developed a keen understanding of how new media works and the implications of the internet and will pass that knowledge on to those fortunate enough to work with him in the future.

I know that anyone who works alongside Nigel Frey will greatly benefit from the relationship”

Peter Smith – S&J Communications Ltd   


“I have known and worked with Mr. Nigel Frey for 20 years and can say that I have always found him to be diligent and conscientious at every task he undertakes.

In recent years at UNIPOWER he has performed a dual role heading up our International Sales function as well as working closely with me in developing our first on-line presence as well as taking on the role of chief architect for all of the company’s Sales collateral and Marketing communications.

I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who has a need for the services he now provides.”

Joe Merino, President – UNIPOWER LLC  


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